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AST Straight Strips   Advanced Shell Technology - AST is excited to announce a new product to our line of advanced guitar building supplies—abalone and pearl “Straight Strips”. Adorning your instruments with shell inlays and shell purfling is a wonderful and stunning way to add value and appeal to your guitars, and with these new AST abalone/pearl Straight Strips it has never been easier. Whether you want to install a Select Green Abalone backstrip on a special guitar, frame your endgraft with Black Pearl or run delicate Paua Abalone purfling around the edge of your fretboard, AST now has what you need at very attractive prices.
  ZipFlex, AST’s flagship product, is the purfling choice for the areas of the guitar that are curvy. But there are areas of the guitar, such as the edges of the fretboard, backstrips, and headstock purfling which are either straight or only slightly radiused. The more economical AST Straight Strips were designed for these areas.  
  AST has been supplying Straight Strips of abalone and pearl to the guitar building industry for many years, and chances are that you already use our strips. Because of our efficient, proprietary technology, we are now able to offer these Straight Strips directly to our AST clients at essentially wholesale prices.  
  These Straight Strips are made from the same material as our ZipFlex—Abalam—and are made to the same exacting tolerances here in our AST California shop.  
  We offer them in several widths not generally available from other luthier’s supply sources. These delicate dimensions can transform an ordinary purfling look into something extraordinary. In the Straight Strips Gallery you will see, for instance, how a discreet abalone purfling of .033” inlaid between the fretboard and neckshaft and at the sides of the headstock creates a look and level of refinement and craftsmanship that is as impressive as it is rare.  
  Having a broad palette of widths and shell types opens up new inlay possibilities where the only limiting factor is your imagination.  
  Whether you are a solo luthier, factory or serious amateur, we want to earn your patronage by offering the most innovative and highest quality inlay products in the world, and all at prices that makes sense for those working professionally and have a bottom line to think about.  
  “Ease of use” is a hallmark of AST’s inlay products. AST’s Straight Strips continue that tradition.  
  Kevin Ryan
July 2013
Westminster, California
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