Advanced Shell Technology


ZipFlex makes it easy to install genuine shell purfling in minutes.

Video Tutorial: Learn How to Install Genuine Shell Purfling in 7 Easy, Time-Saving Steps with ZipFlex

ZipFlex is a patented, flexible, genuine shell strip offering an easier, faster way to install traditional shell purflings and borders along curved surfaces—ideal for musical instruments, handcrafted bowls, canes, walking sticks, pens, shave brushes and more. Learn more about Advanced Shell Technology here. Or, browse all shell species and widths available below.


"Wonderful product. Cuts abalone purfling install time down to next-to-nothing." - Nehemiah C. 

"From now on, I won’t use anything else." - Brian A. 

"WOW. This stuff flexes like a piece of string." - Larry G. 

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