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A5 Kerfed Liner Set

A5 Kerfed Liner Set


A5 kerfing was designed to improve the flexibility of traditional kerfed liners. Our patented, multi-axis design allows the liner to flex against it's long and short axis, making it possible to line the dramatic arch of a guitar back as easily as a tight cutaway. No need to cut this liner into sections or blocks.

  • A set of A5 kerfing comes with 16 segments
  • Each kerfing strip measures .24 x .625 x 7.25".
  • Every set accommodates both cutaway and non-cutaway instruments.  They're easy to handle and clamp with glue applied.
  • A5 kerfing is made from a high-quality birch laminate in order to ensure each piece of A5 is as consistently flexible as the last.
  • Our choice of birch laminate ensures color consistency from piece to piece, complete with a distinctive lasered, racing-stripe chamfer.
  • Our production process and selection of materials reduce the amount of waste involved in making this complicated product, helping to conserve these precious natural resources.  
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